Nardia Rose Brancatisano

“I want to inspire people to break through adversity, give you the permission to embrace your inner flaws, inner weird and inner imperfections. It’s these imperfections that make us perfect”

– Nardia Rose Brancatisano

Nardia has performed in front of tens of thousands of people within her hometown of Australia and overseas. She has had the pleasure of supporting some of the world’s most powerful icons of today including Pink, Beyonce, and Adele and have also supported some legendary Australian artists including Russell Morris and Tex Perkins.

Nardia is a Singer-Songwriter with powerful, raw & sultry vocals seasoned in the genres of Soul, gospel, jazz and blues. With a harmonic ear for music, Nardia wields her vocal range with intensity & musical prowess often blowing the roof off with her breathtaking voice.

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Nardia Solo

A Natural Musician

“A genuine chanteuse, the kind of singer you don’t expect to see anymore. She is a popular singer that can tackle any genre and captures the emotion of what she sings” 

– Matt Frederick (PBS Radio Station)

She currently frequents venues in her home town including the Paris Cat Jazz Club, Transit Rooftop Bar, Dogs Bar and the Blues train and has performed at a range of festivals including Mullumbimby Music Festival, Wangaratta Jazz and Blues Festival, Blues on Broadbeach Festival, Darebin Music Festival and many more.

“Adversity hear my name. I’ve been kicked around, abandoned and discriminated. My music, my story and my songs are my strength. I want to use this strength to inspire people to breakthrough adversity with honesty and integrity whilst giving people the permission to embrace their inner flaws, imperfections and your inner weird. I am Nardia, a product of dysfunction but it’s my perfect.” 

– Nardia Rose Brancatisno

About Nardia

Things wern’t always smooth sailing for Nardia. She was the weird kid at school who had the most unusual lunch and dressed the part looking different from the rest. She was the tomboy who played with boys on the streets instead of with barbie dolls, her clashing cultures of Italian and Filipino was hard for some people to grasp and she was baptised in two different religions. It couldn’t have been any more opposite.

The day she embraced her inner weird was the day she discovered to express herself through poetry and songwriting. Songwriting was not something she was taught, it was something that just came from her broken heart.

In a world that was way out of her depth, Nardia always found it hard to fit the normal mould. Her breakthrough was realizing that she didn’t want to be a diamond, that she didn’t want to be perfect and for the first time she accepted her inner weird, dysfunctions and imperfections.

Nardia Rose Brancatisano | Australian Singer-Songwriter