Nardia Rose Brancatisano

Nardia Brancatisano has been an Entertainer in the form of a Singer/ dancer/ actor/ model for the last 19 years. She featured in her first Television commercial at the age of 7 and wrote her first EP at the age of 17.

Nardia is a raw & sultry Blues/ soul singer having studied with Lindsay field and Renee Geyer to perfect her vocal skill set, she has featured in various bands around Melbourne, Asia & Europe. Her versatility & diversity in her voice has provided her with the ability to adapt in many forms from fronting bands to singing in choirs and back up harmonies for various music artists. She specialises in the genres of Jazz, blues, soul, gospel and classical music but is so diverse in her voice she can make anything sound great. Also learning the blues from her very own father’s lap, a blues guitarist, Nardia has developed a natural and strong ear for music. Nardia’s professional credits include touring with Mo-Tunes (Supremes tribute band), Eva Cassidy Experience show, fronting various Melbourne bands, theatre shows including a show called Genius (Ray Charles musical), has performed in various Jazz & Blues duos & trios. She has had TV appearances on the Today show & the David & Kim show and has supported artists including Pink, Beyonce, Adele, Tex Perkins and Russell Morris in her various bands.