Thomas Byrne

Thomas Byrne is a Melbourne based keyboard player who at very young age is not only extremely talented as a musician but he also has the ability to play a multiple range of instruments including drums, percussion, guitar & keys and is highly proficient in all. Thomas has a naturally strong ear for music and arranging musical parts. Through his abilities he has played a range of instruments specializing in keys professionally for many well renowned musicians including Wylie J Miller, Angie Stapleton, Sam Ludamen and Fatai V from the Voice

Thomas Byrne has trained for 15 years in the areas of classical, jazz and blues piano. With his creative & artistic flair he has played keyboards & Synthesizer with Melbourne based original band ‘Agility’, ‘Gods Master plan’ and has composed his own original music.

Thomas is performs both in the Nardia Rose band and Soul Chic as the main keyboard player, percussionist and backing vocalist and has been an integral part of the band for the last 10 years.
Thomas is completing a Bachelor of Arts and is currently gaining a music accreditation through Kangan Institute!