With a harmonic ear for music, Nardia wields her vocal range with intensity & musical prowess often blowing the roof off with her breathtaking voice. She has mastered the art of harmonies and takes delicate care when approaching songs. She understands how to tell stories with her vocals and take people on a journey. “It’s not about how high or big you can sing, it’s about the effect you have on people and the way you touch people with delicacy and through dynamics” Nardia Rose



Nardia Rose currently performs in an array of bands doing back up vocals for original artists and shows including Jen Knight & the Cavaliers, The Joe Cocker Show, the Ray Charles show and works closely in her harmony duo band Soul Chic. She is always open to new projects. Contact her today!


No job is ever to big or small. Nardia Rose has worked with many artists to deliver vocals for original projects including Lorenzo Ianotti, Jen Knight, and her most recent project with James Grim


Put her in the deep end and she’ll be able to deliver a spectacular show. Seasoned in the genres of Jazz, Blues, gospel, soul and pop she has the fundamentals and diversity to perform through many genres. You need her to sing in another language, no problem she can sing in Italian and Spanish! Book her as a fill in


Nardia is a newly established Melbourne based band, and already they are turning heads and making a stamp in the Melbourne music scene recently supporting Tex Perkins and Russell Morris as well as playing at various Jazz and Blues festivals around Victoria and NSW. Their repertoire is a mix of the classics along with Nardia’s original songs that she wrote while travelling with a guitar on her back through the South of the US including Memphis, New Orleans & Mississippi.

Since releasing Let Love the Justin Yap Band has been going from strength to strength, hitting No. 1 on the Australian Blues Charts; winning Group of the Year at the Australian Blues Music Awards; playing festivals and touring around the country. From Melbourne, Australia, the band has one foot planted firmly in the traditions of soul, funk, blues and jazz while the other moving forward creating new music branching from American roots music. The JYB is constantly exploring ideas through song writing and improvising, culminating into Let Love – the band’s most cohesive effort to date.

Soul Chic are a vibrant & dynamic musical group lead by two vocalists Nardia and Georga. Through their delectable unique voice blend, the duo have some of the best harmonies In the country. They call them “Charmonies”. Soul Chic play a variety of shows including corporate gigs, weddings, festivals, and events. They have performed at the Pre shows of some of the world’s most iconic artists including Beyonce, Pink and most recently Adele. Taking you on a journey Soul Chic specialise in Jazz, soul, blues, funk right through to the popular music of today adding their own unique Soul Chic twist. Book them for your next event! You wont regret it!


Song bird Eva Cassidy touched the lives and hearts of so many but ironically her fame rose upon her death. An artist the could not be pigeon holed into one genre, Miss Cassidy took it upon herself to interpret an array of songs from different genres in the form of Jazz, Blues, soul, country, pop, gospel & folk. Songs she could relate to, songs that she believed in and songs that she made her own. The lead harmony duo of Soul Chic, Nardia & Georga have been taken back by her story and have been performing this show at various venues around Melbourne including the Paris Cat, Caravan Club and Flying Saucer. Book their show for your venue or come see their show

The story of the Supremes is one of the great music business fairy tales: three girls from the projects of Detroit taken under the wing of Motown Records, the most successful hit-making factory in pop music, rise to become global superstars. Like any fairy tale it demands a wicked witch, and that role seems to have fallen to the unfortunate figure of Diana Ross. We are excited to launch this new show which includes Nardia Rose, Iseula Hingano and Lorraine Salvador. You might ask who is the Diana Ross of the show? Well we’ve done a slightly different take on the show where by we are recreating the Supremes how it was originally supposed to be…

The show will feature the incredible Nicco Gazzana out front backed up by a hard rocking 12-piece band made up of some of Australia’s finest musicians as well as the stunning Delta Ladies (Nardia, Georga & Kerry) and those crazy Mad Dog Horns. You’ll be hearing all the classics like a little Help From My Friends, Feelin Alright, You are so meautiful, Unchain my heart, the letter, Leave your hat and so much more. This awesome show is full of energy, emotion and passion and truly celebrates the spirit and sound of the much loved-sadly missed Mr Joe Cocker. Come check out one of their shows or book them for your next event