Work With Nardia

With a harmonic ear for music, Nardia wields her vocal range with intensity and musical prowess often blowing the roof off with her breathtaking voice. She has mastered the art of harmonies and takes delicate care when approaching songs. 

She understands how to tell stories with her vocals and take people on a journey.

Tell A Story Through Song

Music is a globally recognised language. Work with Nardia and tell your story through song.




Backup Vocals

Nardia Rose currently performs in an array of bands doing backup vocals for original artists and shows including Jen Knight & the Cavaliers, The Joe Cocker Show, and the Ray Charles show and works closely in her harmony duo band Soul Chic.

Session Work

No job is ever to big or small. Nardia Rose has worked with many artists to deliver vocals for original projects including Lorenzo Ianotti, Jen Knight, and her most recent project with James Grim

Fill in Vocalist

Put her in the deep end and she’ll be able to deliver a spectacular show. Seasoned in the genres of Jazz, Blues, gospel, soul and pop she has the fundamentals and diversity to perform through many genres.

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Nardia, a band based in Melbourne, has been causing a stir and making a name for themselves in the city’s music scene. They have had the privilege of supporting well-known artists such as Tex Perkins and Russell Morris, as well as performing at various Jazz and Blues festivals across Victoria and New South Wales. 

Nardia’s performances feature a combination of classic tunes and original songs written by Nardia during her travels through the southern United States, including Memphis, New Orleans, and Mississippi, all while carrying her guitar on her back.

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Justin Yap Band

Since the launch of Let Love, the Justin Yap Band has been thriving, achieving remarkable feats such as topping the Australian Blues Charts and winning the Group of the Year award at the Australian Blues Music Awards. With their roots firmly grounded in soul, funk, blues, and jazz, the band hails from Melbourne, Australia, and their music is a fusion of American roots music and innovative ideas. 

Constantly exploring songwriting and improvisation, the Justin Yap Band has produced their most cohesive work, Let Love. The band remains active, performing at various festivals and embarking on tours across the country.

Soul Chic

Soul Chic is an energetic and lively musical group featuring two exceptional vocalists, Nardia and Georga. Their unmatched blend of voices produces some of the most impressive harmonies in the country, which they call “Charmonies.” Soul Chic’s repertoire includes a diverse range of genres, from jazz and soul to blues and funk, with a modern twist that’s entirely unique to the group. 

Soul Chic is available for bookings at a variety of events, such as weddings, corporate gigs, and festivals. Soul Chic has even had the privilege of performing at pre-shows for renowned artists like Beyonce, Pink, and Adele.

Nardia Rose Brancatisano | Australian Singer-Songwriter


Eva Cassidy

Eva Cassidy, a talented songbird, captured the hearts and souls of many, yet ironically her fame skyrocketed after her passing. Her music couldn’t be confined to a single genre, as Miss Cassidy fearlessly interpreted songs from a range of genres such as jazz, blues, soul, country, pop, gospel, and folk. She chose songs that resonated with her, ones that she believed in, and made them her own. 

Nardia and Georga, the lead harmony duo of Soul Chic, were inspired by her story and have been performing a tribute show at various Melbourne venues, including the Paris Cat, Caravan Club, and Flying Saucer. Book their exceptional show for your venue or come experience it for yourself.

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The tale of the Supremes is a remarkable success story in the music industry. Three young girls from Detroit’s projects were nurtured by Motown Records, the most prolific hit-making factory in pop music, and went on to achieve worldwide fame. However, as with any classic fairy tale, there must be a villain, and unfortunately, Diana Ross has been cast in that role. 

Our new show features Nardia Rose, Iseula Hingano, and Lorraine Salvador, and we are thrilled to present it. You may be wondering who will play the role of Diana Ross in the production. Our take on the show is slightly different as we will be recreating the Supremes as they were originally intended to be.

Joe Crocker

Nicco Gazzana will take center stage in the upcoming show, accompanied by a dynamic 12-piece band consisting of some of Australia’s most talented musicians. Joining them are the stunning Delta Ladies (Nardia, Georga & Kerry) and the lively Mad Dog Horns. The show will feature all the classic hits, including “With a Little Help From My Friends,” “Feelin’ Alright,” “You Are So Beautiful,” “Unchain My Heart,” “The Letter,” “Leave Your Hat On,” and many more.

This incredible production is filled with energy, emotion, and passion, truly capturing the essence and sound of the dearly missed Joe Cocker. 

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