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Put your hands on me by Nardia.

A song about allowing yourself to be free, express yourself and release your sexuality to incite love and acceptance of one’s flaws and imperfections to the general society. 

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“It’s not about how high or big you can sing, it’s about the effect you have on people and the way you touch people with delicacy and through dynamics”.


Nardia Rose Brancatisano is a Singer-Songwriter known for her captivating performances that showcase her powerful, raw, and sultry vocals. With a seasoned background in Blues, Soul, and Jazz, Nardia possesses a harmonic ear for music and confidently wields her vocal range with intensity and musical prowess, often leaving her audience in awe with her breathtaking voice.

For Nardia, music is more than just entertainment; it’s a form of healing that brings people together. With her ability to command the stage, Nardia takes her audience on a journey that is full of surprises, leaving them captivated and uplifted by her soulful sound.

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